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Well what can I say...

Yonga Stew

Big day yesterday.

From my normal job at Central in Leederville, to my artsy world - voiceover recording in Subiaco to Perth city to Yirra Yaakin Aboriginal Theatre for a meeting.

So started at Central and FINALLY handed my last assessment in for my Cert IV in Lecturing.  Let me tell you i'm not a paperwork person so handing that in and knowing it was the last was a fist pumping to the air moment.  Think i skipped back to the car - seriously! (Do me a favor and skip to your car tomorrow - it's so fun)

Went from Central to Subiaco to do the voiceover stuff for my documentary, got picked up by my editor and dropped off at Yirra Yaakin for a meeting.  Avoided public transport, moorditj...winning ;-)


Meeting went well, saw many faces i've grown to love and had little yarn up.  Best part though was the food after (choooo can i say that) KANGAROO STEW and DAMPER cooked three different ways. (Never mind it was from the pet shop - us city Noongs gotta get it any way we can at times) Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy yummy yonga in my tummy. Tried Aunty Judy's first it was curry and cooked with coconut cream -  sooooo yummy.  Mmmm what to do?  Have a second serve of the lovely Aunty Judy's or try the next?  Well gotta try my brother boy Kyle's (Yirra Yaakin director AND deadly kangaroo tail stew maker) mmmmmm what a treat another stew just as good.  Really wanted to try the next dish but was nice and full so figured i had my fix.  Needless to say my little 'i'm going off bread' did NOT last when i seen the damper.  And i got to take some home (you shoulda seen us mob hunting around in Yirra Yaakin's kitchen for containers to take home our yonga stew) - thought i was deadly too because noonie one wrapped the damper pieces in foil and placed it on top of the stew in the container to keep the bread warm.  Nerver mind coonyee one wasn't gonna eat it that night.



But alas disaster my phone went flat when I was in the city about to come home, WHAT all the way to Thornlie with no entertainment.  No Facebook.  No Instagram.  No internet.  No yarning up.  No editing photos.  Not even a frickin magazine or book, what a terrible predicament.


So entertaining myself was on the agenda and must admit i'm great at talking to myself, i mean i'm great company and when you need a expert opinion of course i go to me. (Stolen from somewhere but so true)


So.  Phone flat.  Decided to walk to St Georges terrace to find my bus stand all the while giggling thinking who would have thought that me, that i...would be walking in the evening on a weekday to catch the bus home how random.  


Get to the bus stop apparently bus left at 6.09PM, it was 6.12PM and next bus was 6.33PM.  Like...total...buuummmeeerrrr.  So i stare determindly (don't think that's a word but I'll take it) at the traffic and think bus you are late or you are very early tonight.  Next minute NEK MINUTE - aahhhh hate people saying that it's contagious una!  Anyway more like 3mins later my bus coming yeah, winner!  Oh the power of positive thoughts.

Get on thinking 'Oh Man' a 30min trip no phone, what to do Lord?  So I people watch of course thinking oh so let me see Asian, Indian, Noongar, Aussie, Maylasian and many more...we all getting a lift together how sweet - a bus bringing the community together.  Bit corny I know BUT I was bored!


Then I start seeing my life flash before me I see me in my corporate gear heading to the BankWest tower.  I remember the money, 9 to 5, city lunches, window shopping, the coldness of the shadows of the buildings in the city, navy blue (uniforms), pubbing, clubbing and most of being without child - not a mummy - another lifetime it seems now.  I see different rental property suburbs and remember how I was, what my life was, my heartaches and triumphs (mostly heartaches).  My life was flashing by, all in my night time bus trip.  


Time to think is a powerful thing.  Reflect, compare, wonder, be grateful and all those things - just time to think WOW.  With so many worlds at my fingertip I'm ashamed to say my mind always needs to occupied - oh there's a ad on I'll check FaceBook or Twitter or Instagram or I'll google this, I'll watch that ahhhhhh it's never ending and it's so hard to resist.  Public transport and time without my phone forces me to be alert to my thoughts and to just be in the moment for a change and boy do I need it.


Oh a couple got off all lovey dovey looking deadly in a businesslike like way.  I notice a elderly Noongar man sitting in the seat behind where they got off.  I'm thinking 'is he a Nannup, nah looks like a Narkle mmmm what mob he from?  Then being raised by elders I have a overwhelming urge to go yarn to him, to say hey Unc where you from, tell me some history.  I'm a sponge - I do love yarning to elders.  He saw me looking nodded his head then he got off at next stop so there went that idea.  Wonder if I would have had the courage, he looked deep in thought.  Nyorn reminded me of my elders all gone now.  A face with lines that have lived a big life, seen a lot of things.   


Not long now and it's my stop.  


Sooooooo Karla what about the dark street with the bush land across the road.  You know first and last time you walked that street you guana'd...proper muddy bum.  Well If someone approaches me Karla I'll swing my bag with kangaroo stew at them that'l throw them off.   Noooooo not the stew!!!!!  OK, OK I'll scale the fence. Bahahhahaha yeah that'll happen. OK, OK, OKAY I'll just get my drivers license out that way when I'm abducted I'll drop it and people will know the last place I was.  Oh the imagination and on that note I was on my street. Sweet!


Oh the swag in my step knowing I had yonga stew to put in the fridge....awwwwttt MOORDITJ!!!!!!!!


Look out for more corny, more laughs, more life of Karla coming your way xoxo




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